Children’s Ministry


“Maturing Kids in Christ”

Mission and Methods:

Park Hills Children’s Ministry seeks to immerse children in God’s Word, teach them how to pray and worship privately and corporately, and support and partner with their families in their commitment to facilitate Christ-like maturity by: 

  • Leading children to recognize their sinful nature and to respond in repentance and faith in Christ’s atonement for them.


  • Encouraging children to intimately know the character, promises, and triune person of God himself.


  • Cultivating a love for God’s Word by putting them in direct contact with the whole of it and encouraging a habit of reading it.


  • Giving children an opportunity to see the hand of God at work in the church and the world while partnering with him for his glory.

At Park Hills, we recognize that the Lord commands parents to be the primary nurturers of their children’s faith, and that this instruction ought to be a part of parents’ daily interaction with their children (Deut. 6:4-7; Eph. 6:4).

However, we also recognize that the entire church body plays an important part in discipling the next generation and proclaiming to them God’s faithfulness (Ps 145:4-6). 


Classes Offered:

Sunday Bible Study Classes: 9:15 – 10:15 am 

  • Nursery: (0-12 months+) Temporarily suspended due to low enrollment 
  • Littles: (Walkers – 2 years) Temporarily suspended due to low enrollment
  • Middles: Ages 3-7 Open!
  • Uppers: Ages 8-11 Open!

Sunday Morning Worship Service: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

  • Nursery (Birth – 18 months): Now Open!
  • Preschool (Walkers- 4 years): Open!
  • We encourage children 4 and up to be in the worship service with the parents.*

    *We understand that transitioning young kids into the adult service will take time and creativity. Our congregation values children and will gladly accept a little noise or distraction from kids if it means we can worship together as the body of Christ.

    There are a couple options to help make this transition easier.

    First, we know that every child develops at a different rate. So even though kids as young as 4 are encouraged to join the main service,  4-5 year olds are welcome to attend the Preschool class for any or all of the service time. Many people start by having their kids with them during the singing and prayer time, then when the sermon starts, they bring them back to class.

    Secondly, there is a “Wiggle Room” in the children’s ministry wing. Adults can stay with their child and play more freely while listening to the live stream of the service. This is also a great room for feeding infants if the sanctuary is too distracting for your little one. 

    Lastly, to help kids who are in the main service, there are color sheets, activity packs and sensory tools available by the children’s wing entrance for use. 

Sickness and Symptoms 

The following applies to all students, teachers and helpers. 

  1. Participants must be fever free for the last 48 hours without the help of fever reduction medication. 
  2. Participants may not attend if they are experiencing unexplained nausea/vomiting, sore throat, congestion, or extreme fatigue. 

When in doubt, stay home!

Children’s Ministry Coordinators: Julie Nixon and Jessica Gates