Prayer Service

On Sunday nights, we gather again at 5:30PM for our Prayer Service in order to express our full dependence upon God by seeking His face in prayer as a congregation.

We start the service with several songs. Then, after reading a psalm, we spend time in several cycles of prayers. First, we focus on bringing praises and thanksgiving to God. Second, we focus on praying for various evangelistic opportunities. Third, we focus on praying for the nations, for ministry partners and needs outside the life of our church. Finally, we pray for various aspects of our life-together as a church. At times we hear testimonies from ministry partners or devotional messages from members. We conclude with a final song.

Why Gather as a Congregation to Pray?

Reflections from Sinclair Ferguson on the lack of prayer and of the Church praying.

“This is to me the most alarming, for this reason: we have built apparently strong, large, successful, active churches. But many of our churches never meet as a congregation for prayer. I mean never! What does that indicate we are saying about the life of the Church as a fellowship? By contrast, the mark of a truly apostolic spirit in the church is that that we give ourselves to prayer and the Word together (Acts 6:4). No wonder “the Word of God continued to increase and the number of the disciples multiplied” (Acts 6:7). If this is so, it should not surprise us that while many churches see growth, it is often simply reconfiguration of numbers, not of conversion. I greatly wish that our churches would learn to keep the main things central, that we would learn to be true Churches, vibrant fellowships of prayer, Gospel ministry and teaching, genuine mutual love. At the end of the day, such a Church simply needs to “be” for visitors who come to sense that this is a new order of reality altogether and are drawn to Christ.”