Adult Sunday School

In addition to our children’s and youth Sunday school classes, we also have a number of adult classes that meet from 9:30am – 10:30 am.

We encourage cross-generational participation among our adult classes. Age-based participation happens naturally in some of our classes.

  1. Inductive Bible Study (rm. 118) – cross-generational
    The inductive Bible study class is a cross-generational class that covers entire books of the Bible, currently studying Romans. Its emphasis is on observing, interpreting, and applying a passage at hand, while understanding it within the broader context of the whole book and other passages of Scripture.
  2. Adult Bible Study (rm. 246) – middle-age adults
    This class studies individual and related groups of books in the Bible. Our current study is “All Things Paul” from Acts and the Pauline Letters, a chronological review of Paul’s ministry, from his conversion on the road to Damascus to his martyrdom. Other recent studies include the book of John, as well as all of the Old Testament prophets. The class encourages participation and we particularly enjoy our group discussions.
  3. SAGE Class (rm. 240) – older saints (65+)
    The SAGE Class (Seniors in God’s Employ) is designed to be encouraging, enlightening, and enjoyable for those 65 and older, who want a traditional approach to the study of God’s Word. We use the Explore the Bible series, jumping back and forth between Old and New Testaments about once a season. It takes seven years to complete the entire Bible, then we begin again. The class emphasizes a literal and fundamental approach to the Bible, singing traditional hymns, and maintains an active prayer list. We also stay in touch with those members who are now unable to attend the class, so that they will always stay connected to the fellowship. Visitors of any age are always welcomed warmly.